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The Best Roll Pallet Products for Manufacturing Organisations

Maximise Productivity by Selecting the Ideal Roll Pallets for Your Manufacturing Needs

The rapid growth in global trade and investment in recent decades has resulted in increased global demand for goods. There is a corresponding shift in the organisation and structure of global production. The manufacturing sector, being a key driver for economic growth and development through job creation and value addition, has to align itself with the new demand trends.

Manufacturing remains the foundation of economies all around the world, creating goods and services that satisfy consumer demand. One of the most efficient ways to ensure that what is produced is what reaches the customer undistorted is ensuring that all logistics and operations are streamlined.

Today’s supply chain and logistics managers have their hands full coordinating goods as they move from the factory to the premises, and finally to the store shelf. Even the smallest error can create a chain disruption that delays orders. That’s why it’s critical manufacturing businesses don’t overlook one of the building blocks of goods movement: the humble pallet.

In this guide, we’ll explore what the manufacturing Industry entails here in Britain. We’ll then look at various benefits of roll pallet products in the manufacturing industry and suggest the most effective roll pallets available for these industries, giving you peace of mind that as a commercial procurer of such product, you’re in the right hands!

What Does the British Manufacturing Industry Consist of?

A manufacturing Industry refers to any business that is involved in the conversion of raw materials or parts into finished goods by the use of either human labour or machinery equipment, with 51% of the UK’s total exports classed as goods, per the latest available 2022 data.

Examples of such industries are those that produce clothing, automobiles, chemicals, aircraft, computers, consumer electronics, electrical equipment, heavy machinery, clothing, furniture, and refined petroleum products.

UK manufacturing employee

Other important sectors of the manufacturing industry in the UK include food, drink, tobacco, paper, printing, publishing and textiles.

The Benefits of Roll Pallets for Manufacturing Business Operators

Pallets are most commonly used for transportation & material handling. They’re ideal for logistics, material storage & warehousing, supply chain & more. The most common usage of roll pallets is to stack, store, protect, and transport materials with the use of materials handling equipment such as forklifts, pallet jacks & more.

Below are some of the main benefits that roll pallets can offer forward-thinking manufacturing business operators.

They Prevent Goods Damages

Pallets offer protection to goods by ensuring that they are secured in one place and they do not become loose or move about. This helps to eliminate knocks and bumps of the cargo preventing damages to the same during transit.

They Offer Safety to the Staff

Individually stacked products, which are loose and move about, can easily fall or tumble and cause injuries to the operators. By minimising manual lifting, pallets ensure that the working environment is safe and productive. This makes the staff operate efficiently.

Simplified Loading and Unloading Processes

They enable the movement of bulk items at once, dramatically reducing the time and cost associated with these tasks. They have curbed the challenge of boxes or packages which would be tossed around one by one.

Efficient warehouse space utilisation

More Efficient Space Utilisation

In every industry, it is essential to have ample floor space for easy manoeuvring and to maintain an orderly transport of goods.

The ability of pallets to be stacked vertically allows efficient use of vertical space in the warehouse. This maximises storage capacity and reduces the need for additional storage equipment, such as shelves or racks.

Operational Cost Reduction

Pallets offer profound durability and sustainability factors. Most pallets are made from recycled materials and can be repaired, reused, or recycled at the end of their life cycle.

Our Choice of Roll Pallet Products Best Suited to Manufacturing Businesses

We have made a good selection of the best roll pallets you can get across our product range specifically for optimising your operations and logistics in the manufacturing sector. These pallets are space-friendly, time savers and cost-effective at the same time.

Here is  a product-run through of six phenomenal roll  pallets we recommend you consider:

1. Standard Hypacage

The Standard Hypacage (sometimes called a stillage) has a stackable unit for maximum storage when in use and collapses for compact storage when not in use. It is made from a bright zinc plate finish that will help prevent rust and give the unit a long life span. Option for this unit would include a security lid and a divider.

standard hypacage unit

These sturdy packages consist of a strong base unit, which is attached to four feet making them ideal for holding bulky goods in the manufacturing sector. They are raised off of the ground to enable easy access via a forklift so that the pallets can be moved efficiently and placed into vans and lorries if needed.

2. Jumbo Half Gate Roll Pallet

The Jumbo Half Gate Roll Pallet is designed for bulk handling and moving large items around the warehouse, the manufacturing facility or during distribution operations. These pallets are sturdy and durable, able to take knocks and bumps while protecting the goods packed inside.

Up to 3 additional optional loose shelves may be added to optimise space usage or to facilitate product segregation. Other customisation options include the addition of brakes on different wheels or ID Plates.

Jumbo Half Gate Roll Container

The Jumbo Half Gate Roll pallet has a rod infill to the side and base for bulk handling and movement. They are made from lightweight but heavy-duty materials meaning they won’t bend or crack and will last for years. It is made of a bright zinc-plate finish in colour.

This unit is supplied with a removable half-drop gate to one long side for quick loading and unloading.

3. Four-Sided Jumbo Security Roll Container

The ever-reliable, customer-favourite Four-Sided Jumbo Security Roll Container is a large full-security, demountable roll pallet with mesh infill to the sides and lid, making it ideal for safeguarding high-value items within the warehouse or during transit.

Its dimensions offer ample space to accommodate large quantities of goods and facilitate efficient loading and unloading. This is particularly advantageous for industries dealing with high volumes of valuable products.

Jumbo Security Roll Cage

Made from heavy-duty materials, this Jumbo Roll Container is engineered to withstand the rigours of industrial environments. It offers superior durability to handle both the weight of the cargo and the challenges of transportation.

By offering a secure and efficient means of transporting valuable items, this jumbo roll container stands as an adaptive cost-effective measure in operations as it reduces the need for additional security measures.

4. Automotive Heavy Duty Roll Container with Lid

The Automotive Heavy Duty Roll Container with Lid is ideal for use in the manufacturing and distribution industries where there is a need to store and move large, heavy and valuable parts. These Roll Containers are fitted with a lid, this unit can be secured using a lock or a single-use seal.

Heavy Duty Stillage with lid

Designed to take heavier loads, the unit has a heavy-duty plastic base and is fitted with wheels and forklift guides aiding flexibility and manoeuvrability when necessary. The robust stillage unit is fitted with wardrobe doors to one side for easy access to the contents.

5. Large Heavy Duty Post Pallet Stillage

There are times when it is necessary to move large and long items all at once and when doing so, you need to be sure you are protecting both goods and the operators. Trying to lift too many large items can put an undue strain on the back and can be difficult to work efficiently. Items can fall or get caught in transfer causing a threat to the safety of the operators.

Large Heavy Duty Post Pallet

Our Large Heavy Duty Post Pallet Stillage is designed for the storage and handling of such long and large bulk items. They are demountable steel pallets with optional removable post bars, which can be attached to each corner of the base of the pallet

This stillage is made of high-quality tensile steel and has a galvanised finish, giving it a long life span.

6. Gitter Box (Ridged)

A Ridged Gitter Box is a heavy-duty and rigid box. It has a half drop gate on one side that facilitates quick loading and unloading of the contents inside. The Gitter Box Ridged can be stacked together saving on space.

gitter box ridged and stacked

These pallet boxes have a corrugated steel base that makes them durable. They are easy to handle hence no training is required for those using them.

So far so good!

Finding the Right Pallet for Your Business

Pallets are important warehousing and transporting equipment. The type of pallet, size, and loading capacity that suits your needs depends on your business requirements.

The above-highlighted pallets cannot just be sourced anywhere. Allow us to give you a guiding route to understanding how to source a good pallet for your manufacturing needs.

Type of Products

The most important aspect to consider is the goods you’ll be transporting or shipping. The weight of the goods, and the type, can help you determine the type of pallet (wooden, plastic, or metal) to be used.

Packaging Dimensions 

Packaging width and height, along with the number of items to be shipped will help you determine the size of the pallet to be chosen and will ultimately determine your packing and picking strategy.

sugar bags in warehouse

Frequency of Use

If you need a pallet for a one-off shipment, you could consider a used or reconditioned pallet. If you need to use the pallet often, the readability aspect of the material you choose becomes important.

Transportation Conditions

Storage and transportation environment and temperature are crucial when deciding on pallet material. For example, wooden or paper pallets might be susceptible to moisture.


With minimising transportation and delivery costs being a common challenge in the manufacturing industry, the budget for pallets becomes an important consideration. The initial investment may reduce long-term costs.

Choose RollPallet UK – Your Number One Pallet Supplier

As supply chains continue to bear the brunt of global changes, disruptions have emerged as a significant problem facing the manufacturing industry. As a manufacturer, reliability and quality management win you the trust of your customers.

Effective production management requires real-time delivery of goods and proper logistics. There’s an ongoing need to promote and maintain a functioning supply network and that’s where we come in to assist you and deliver with a smile.

With ongoing advancements in technology and production, the pallet industry is poised to continue evolving to meet the changing needs of production businesses around the world. At RollPallet UK, we strive to provide pallets that meet the current market needs.

Are you in need of a strong, versatile storage and transportation solution? Investing in efficient pallets will take you miles ahead in this. Contact us today to assist you in acquiring the right pallet for your needs.

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