Wheels and Castors

As leaders in the field of roll container accessories in the British market, we provide you with the option to change the standard wheels or castors and replace or upgrade them adding brakes or swivel castors or in using alternative compounds to suit your specific needs.

We can advise on the choice of wheels and quality castors which may vary depending on the environment where the units will be used (such as slippy or uneven surfaces) or the dynamic loads (load capacity) being transported.

Braked swivel wheels are provided as standard on many of the units we supply and if not, they can generally be added,  if required. We supply a range of non-marking rubber wheels and can also provide specialised wheels designed for use in freezer/cooler for prolonged periods.

We also offer Nylon, Rubber or Polyurethane castor wheels in a range of colours and choices in relation the use of  ball bearing, roller bearing or plain bore wheels, all fully customisable depending on the typical loads being transported by your business.

If you’re unsure of what wheels and castors are best for your roller units, please ask our supply chain experts and we will be happy to assist you!

Wheels and Castors
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