Budget Roll Pallet Containers

RollPallet UK’s Budget Roll Pallet Containers lead the industry on affordability, durability and quality. Choose a 50mm x 50mm mesh 4-sided roll pallet or a 3-sided rod-style rolling budget roll pallet with optional shelves depending on your needs.

Budget Roll Pallet Containers have similar dimensions to standard-size roll pallets, but they are designed to carry a low amount of loading weight compared to standard roll pallets.

Our low-cost Roll Pallet Containers are popular solutions within various industries such as Food Production, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Farming, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitality and Logistics.

And if you have larger orders, we can powder coat the roll containers for you and if it’s for commercial use, we can emboss your company name onto the roll pallets for further protection with a wide range of customisation options for your firm, allowing you to decide and control precisely how you’d like your roll containers to look.

Budget Roll Pallet Containers
  • Four-Sided Rollpallet with Shelf

    Four-Sided Rollpallet with Shelf

    £167.33 *price excludes 20% VAT Free Nationwide Delivery
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  • Standard Security Rollpallet Container with Shelf

    Standard Security Rollpallet Container with Shelf

    £208.69 *price excludes 20% VAT Free Nationwide Delivery
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  • Three-Sided Roll Container Mesh

    Three-Sided Roll Container Mesh

    £148.13 *price excludes 20% VAT Free Nationwide Delivery
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Advantages Of Budget Roll Pallets

RollPallet UK’s Budget Roll Pallet Container’s most exceptional feature is transporting goods efficiently while maintaining space optimisation at the lower end of the budget scale.

Advantages such as reducing damage, eliminating plastic shrink wrap, and saving time are great ways to improve efficiency in the supply chain. As a result, budget roll pallets are Britain’s top choice among retail, pharmaceutical, IT and healthcare industries.

Having four sides on the Budget Roll Pallet Containers provides extra security, preventing goods from falling off. In the past, roll container units had only 2 or 3 sides, but nowadays, most companies have seen the benefits of the 4-sided option.

They are easy to manoeuvre because of their two fixed and two-swivel wheels (non-stick rubber or nylon castors). Despite the 500kg load rating of the mesh containers, their performance is not affected one bit and is undeniably still top-notch. The budget roll container is the #1 favourite of UK retailers and warehouses alike.

If you’re still undecided on which type of roll container to choose for your business, check out our ‘Roll Container Buying Guide‘ where you’ll find a comparison of the different container types and our ‘Benefits of Roll Containers for Your Business‘ guide covers specific benefits and use.


How To Buy Budget Roll Pallets

Placing an order for your preferred Budget Roll Pallet Containers is as easy as 1-2-3!

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Free Delivery Nationwide

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