Pallet Collars & Retention Units

RollPallet UK has been supplying plastic pallet collars and pallet retention units since 2005. Since then, we have supplied the plastic pallet collars to a wide variety of industries throughout Britain.

Plastic Pallet Collars and Retention Units are the perfect solution for logistics and transport organisations that have a requirement to protect products that are prone to damage being shipped in pallets or who wish to optimise space in the warehouse or during transport by stacking “loaded pallets” on top of each other. Both the plastic pallet collars and the retention units are robust in design and are functional stacking flat when not in use.

The versatility of these plastic pallet collars is such that most industries will use them, especially in manufacturing. Warehousing & logistics is another key industry where you will see these plastic pallet collars in use in standards sizes with wooden pallets. The ability to stack multiple pallets within a single pallet space represents significant savings to manufacturing and logistics professionals.

Their flexible construction and cost-effective nature makes standard pallet collars the retention units for your business.

Pallet Collars & Retention Units
  • euro pallet retention unit

    Euro Pallet Retention Unit

    £110.50 *price excludes 20% VAT Free Nationwide Delivery
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  • half gate retention unit

    Standard Pallet Retention Unit - Half Gate Access

    £115.12 *price excludes 20% VAT Free Nationwide Delivery
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  • Retention Unit 1200mm High

    Retention Unit 1200mm High

    £135.14 *price excludes 20% VAT Free Nationwide Delivery
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  • Retention Unit 1450mm High

    Retention Unit 1450mm High

    £155.94 *price excludes 20% VAT Free Nationwide Delivery
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  • Plastic Pallet Collars Red NEW

    Plastic Pallet Collars Red

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  • Plastic Pallet Collars Blue NEW

    Plastic Pallet Collars Blue

    £62.99 *price excludes 20% VAT Free Nationwide Delivery
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Uses for Plastic Pallet Collars

Organisations use plastic pallet collars in many ways. For example, you may want to transport high-value components to clients or to sub-contractors. Instead of using pallets and wrapping them in non-environmental cling-film you can use a returnable pallet collar creating a protective casing around the goods protecting them from damage and optimise space in your warehouse/factory or truck by stacking multiple units on top of each other. Manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain organisations who need to optimise every pallet space will tend to be a big consumer of plastic pallet collars as they can maximise the useable space on each pallet, thus increasing the cubic metres without crushing or damaging the product being stored to shipped. Most of the plastic pallet collars that we provide are designed to fold down when not in use. This reduces the amount of space that they will take up when not in use or during transport on the return journey The high-grade plastic injection moulding ensures that the plastic pallet collars are durable and will not break easily. We can provide a range of options customised in terms of sizes, colours and corporate branding as required.

Ordering Plastic Pallet Collars Online

The quickest way to ensure your order gets placed and delivered in a timely fashion is to first select the correct colour that you want and the quantity needed. Once this is done, you can add the items to the shopping basket. After that, it’s a straightforward merchant payment process through our secure site using Stripe payment service. Stripe has been audited by an independent PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and is certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the international payments industry. The RollPallet UK security certificate is constantly reviewed, monitored and updated giving you peace of mind that your information is safe. We offer the best prices guaranteed online in the UK and pride ourselves on unrivalled customer satisfaction and forging long-lasting, mutually beneficial working relationships founded on trust and excellence.

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Free Delivery Nationwide

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