3 Sided Roll Container

Since 2003, RollPallet UK has been a leading supplier of three-sided roll containers nationwide. Over the years, we’ve supplied our happy clients with thousands of units.

For efficiency, cost-reduction and load capacity reasons, three-sided containers are often used instead of pallets because they can transport goods more effectively and the expenses associated with “Last Mile Logistics” are significantly reduced. Our three-sided roll pallets come with an integral shelf.

Retailers and multiple organisations in the food and hospitality industry, wholesalers, distribution organisations, fruit and vegetable suppliers with an ongoing need for roll cages are avid users of our three-sided roll pallets and container trolleys. These roll pallets can easily get in and out of narrow doors and help save space when they are not in use.

What’s even more wonderful is that these 3-sided roll cage container trolleys can nest into each other, thus reducing their footprint to 25% of their un-nested state. Another valuable feature of our 3-sided roll containers is that they come with a strap that secures and strongly holds goods inside the cage during transport.

Options such as to add brake castors to 3-sided container for more controlled steering and to choose wheel types like non-marking rubber or nylon wheels which are specifically designed for freezing environments (-20 degrees) are also available. On top of that, we can provide additional shelves, barcode or RFID labels, ID plates, as well as IoT devices to track geographic location and cage parameters like ambient temperature.

3 Sided Roll Container
  • 3 sided roll pallet

    Three Sided Roll Pallet with Rod Infill

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  • Three sided roll pallet with rod infill NEW

    Three Sided Roll Pallet - Rod Infill and Plastic Base

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  • Super Jumbo Cage

    Super Jumbo Cage

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3 Sided Roll Container Uses

Among the many applications of our 3-sided roll containers, its primary use is to transport large bulky products in boxes around a warehouse or from the warehouse to the shop floor.

Throughout the years, more and more companies have been interested in 3-sided roll containers and adapted them for functions in catering, storage, hotels, printing, and many more. The moving of fragile and complicated products has become easier because of the efficiency of these 3-sided roll containers.

Adding a loose shelf to have an extra level of space where you can put more products, and the integral foldaway shelf in which the container cages come with has also been very useful to our consumers.

The benefits of 3-sided roll pallets have been immense to the supply chain as space saving by getting bulk items into tight spaces is a boon to the sector and help combat rising storage and delivery prices.

In fact, studies have shown a 50% saving on distribution across the board by choosing container trolleys over static pallets.

If you’re unsure about which type of roll container to choose for your business, please have a read of our ‘Roll Container Buying Guide‘ where you’ll find a detailed comparison of the different product types and our ‘Benefits of Roll Containers for Your Business‘ resource, covering their specific benefits and use cases.

How to order a 3 Sided roll container

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