Four Sided Mesh Roll Pallet

A firm favourite across a broad range of UK industries, this versatile roll cage unit offers value, convenience and reliability to those who need them most.

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One of our most popular products across our range of versatile roll containers, the Four-Sided Roll Pallet with mesh infill comes with a hinged metal rod base and is designed around a nestable A-frame. This unit is manufactured from high quality steel and has a gold passivate finish. The three sides plus the gate have a 50mm x 50mm mesh infill structure that makes it ideal for environments where stored contents are smaller or slimmer and therefore reduces the risk of spilled loads.

This unit is provided with an integral shelf set at 970mm above the base and you have the option to add additional loose shelves if required. Hand grips are provided on the front gate to assist picking/de-canting operations and 3 i/d plates are provided on the rear profile.

The roll container is fitted with the larger 125mm diameter castors, two fixed and two swivel, to improve manoeuvrability. This is a stock item available for immediate despatch.

Options available would include additional loose shelves to assist with product segregation and for easier loading unloading. You also have the option to add brakes or change the wheels to rubber or sandwich design to improve noise reduction or marking delicate flooring or for use in chill/freezer environments.

This unit is widely used throughout UK retail, warehousing and logistics industries nationwide for the storage and transportation of a range of products in and around a workplace or between destinations. Also popular in a variety of other sectors including automotive, laundries, healthcare and recycling, a good multi-use roll pallet for any environment.

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Base Size 725 x 850mm
Overall Height 1690mm
Internal Height Relative to height options 1425mm
Load Capacity kg 600kg
Castor Diameter 125mm
Unit Weight 45kg
Finish Electro Zinc - Chromate Passivation
Shelf Option One hinged shelf provided as standard, additional loose shelves available as an option
Mesh Size 50 x 50mm
Load Per Shelf 100kg

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