285L Wheeled Industrial Box Pallet

This newly designed unit offers a range of features to improve product & material handling.

Part number/SKU: 05 300 03

The 285L Wheeled Industrial Box Pallet, also popularly known as Storage Bin, comes with a 990 x 630mm base has an overall height of 790mm. This newly-designed unit offers a range of enhanced features that significantly improve product and material handling.

This 285L Wheeled Industrial Box Palle is 13.5 kg in weight and has a loading capacity of  200kg. The wheeled box is fitted with durable swivel rubber castors, making it easy to move the pallet box around the premises when loaded.

This unit also has stack functionality and can be stacked 4 high to save space within the warehouse.

Due to its robust build and versatility, 285L wheeled industrials, the Box pallet is used in various business sectors, such as Agriculture, Automotive, Food production, Hospitality, and Laundry.

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Base Size 990x630mm
Overall Height 790mm
Internal Height Relative to height options 650mm
Load Capacity kg 200kg
Unit Weight 13.5kg

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