This unique Budget Three-Sided Roll Container with steel rod infills is a nestable A-Frame-based roll pallet made from high-quality steel and is considered the workhorse for many of our clients and is very popular within retail, food service, warehousing and logistics operations.

Budget Three-Sided Roll Container Fitted with 125 mm nylon wheels on two fixed and two swivel castors; there is the option to add braked wheels or change the wheels to rubber or sandwich construction to meet the needs of different client requirements, including prolonged use within chill environments.  Up to two shelves (1 x fixed + 1 x lose or 2 x lose)  can be added to this unit, and we can also provide quick-release straps to secure the load during transit.

Our low-cost Three-Sided Roll Container is an excellent multi-purpose, general usage roll pallet in various environments, from picking and distribution centres, hospitals, postal rooms, laundries, healthcare, food preparation and logistics.

£148.13 *price excludes 20% VAT

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Base Size 735 x 850mm
Overall Height 1690mm
Load Capacity kg 500KG
Castor Diameter 125mm
Unit Weight 45
Finish Bright Zinc Plate
Shelf Option Loose Shelf, Without Shelf

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