Standard Security Rollpallet Container with Shelf

This versatile security roll cage is a customer favourite here at RollPallet UK, the preferred choice for high-value FMCG retailers and wholesalers who need to transport valuable goods in bulk securely.

Part number/SKU: 01 401 03

Budget Standard Security Rollpallets are widely used throughout retail and logistics industries for storing and transporting a range of products, including high-value goods, in and around a workplace or between destinations. Manufactured from high-quality steel with a rod base, a 50 x 50mm mesh infill structure comprising three sides plus a whole opening hinged gate and lid. The integral hinged shelf is positioned 970mm above the rod infill steel base.

A single lock or security seal can secure the cage and provide all-around protection for the contents, and ID plates are fitted on all sides. As with other cages provided by RollPallet UK, we can provide additional loose shelves if required and a range of options concerning brakes and wheels. Where real-time supply chain visibility and geo-fencing are important we can offer a range of IOT-based tracking options.

Budget Standard Security Roll Pallets are Commonly used for distributing high-value retail items such as small tools, electronics, perfume and alcohol and also used in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, education, event management, construction and sports clubs, where Security Roll Pallets are used for the added protection and securing of a wide range of products and merchandise.

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Base Size 735 x 850mm
Overall Height 1690mm
Internal Height Relative to height options 1425mm
Load Capacity kg 500Kg
Finish Bright Zinc Plate
Shelf Option Hinged Shelf (Fitted as standard), Loose Shelf, Without Shelf
Mesh Size Yes – 50 x 50mm mesh infil

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