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Things to Consider when Buying Roll Containers

Purchase Considerations for Vendors and Consumers Alike

When you’re looking to buy a roll container, many things might be important depending on what you plan on transporting in them and the type of environment in which you’re operating.

First, you need to choose a container size. A variety of sizes is available in a standard container, from small and compact for light domestic users to jumbo for large businesses and everything in-between!

You’ll want to think about how much space you have and how often you plan to use it before deciding which size is best for your needs.

Next, what material should it be made out of? The most common materials used in these containers are plastic and metal. Plastic is cheaper, but it doesn’t last as long as metal. If you are going to use the material only occasionally, then plastic is better.

Lastly, where will this container live? If it’s going outdoors or in an environment that may get wet then metal would be a better option than plastic because water can damage the surface of the container over time if not properly cared for.

When you are looking for a new roll container to buy, be sure to consider the different prices and features. Only buy something if it solves a problem or helps you reach your goal. Don’t purchase things just because they are the cheapest option.

This article will help you understand what to look for when purchasing a new rolling container solution for your business.

Benefits of Using Roll Containers

The in-depth business benefits of using roll containers are that they are cost-effective for transporting large, bulky items, and if you have a lot of smaller items, the roll containers can be stacked on top of each other.

For personal use, a roll container is a great way to organise all of your stationery. It can also be an additional decoration in any room, making it fun for students or customers alike! Rolling containers come in many shapes and sizes but the most common are metal or plastic.

Rolling storage containers vary greatly from one another, with some being made of steel and other materials such as polypropylene (PP), which is strong yet lightweight. Rolling barrels can also be made of wood – these have an advantage because they won’t rust like their metal counterparts might if exposed to moisture.

Roll containers are a great way to store items when you need to move them around from one space to another. Unlike other containers that can be heavy, roll containers are lightweight and portable.

What Size Roll Container Do You Need?

Regardless of the roll container size you choose, it’s essential to figure out what your needs really are. There are many factors to consider, including how big your space is and how often you need to change the contents of the unit. You need to decide on the size of the container that best fits your needs.

The size of the container you need depends on the storage space you have, the type of material you want to store, and how often you’ll be using the container. If you are looking for some inspiration on the right container for your goods, take a look at some of our most popular storage containers: 3 Sided Roll Container (Three-Sided Roll Pallet – Rod Infill and Plastic Base), 4 Sided Roll Container (Four-Sided Mesh Roll Pallet).

Just pick whichever one you’d like and a friendly member of our delivery team will pack it up and arrange free UK delivery it to your home or business.

warehouse container sizes

Nestable Containers for Limited Space

Nestable containers are a popular choice for limited storage space. If there is not enough space for roll containers, then it is best to choose a nestable (retractable)
model. Four-Sided Mesh Split Gate Roll Pallet and Four Sided-Rod Infill Roll Pallet is one of the better Nestable containers.

These can save up to 75% in space compared with non-nestables and they are much more versatile than other types. L-frame and A-frame are two common forms of nestable containers that come in an L-shape or a shape; both have their special advantages. Which should be considered when deciding what type will work best for your individual needs.

Nestable containers have become so popular because they allow businesses operating in small spaces to conserve their precious room by saving as much as 75%.


The durability of a roll container is determined by the materials it’s made from and how well they are put together. The casing, base, and wheel housing all play an integral role in making sure your product lasts as long as possible!

A roll container can be made of a variety of materials, making it durable for any terrain. Durability is dependent on the casing, base, and wheel housing material that are used in construction. These three parts make up one long-lasting unit!

The durability of any roll container depends on several factors- but these can be broken down into three basic parts:

● The case or “casing,” which protects everything inside
● The bottom or “base” that supports every part of what makes up this type of bin
● Lastly, there’s also something called a “wheel housing” that helps you move around anything with wheels easily enough


The most common kinds of roll containers found throughout the UK retail and logistics industries that need them most are typically made of metal, but the variability in durability is dependent on what type of coating it has. The most durable coatings allow water and temperature-resistant materials that can be used on the outside without any rust or cracks.

Metal containers also come in many different finishes. In order from least to most durable, the most common finishes are paints or powder coating; hot-dip galvanising and galvanising depending on whether you want a high-quality finish that is resistant to rusting like in rain with outdoor use, or just something simple.

Hot-dip galvanised steel can be placed outside when it’s raining because these roll containers will not have any problems such as cracks due to corrosion. If this procedure was used after rolling out the metal sheet beforehand while using an electrochemical bath consisting of zinc chips dissolved into molten aluminium along with copper sulfate.


Wood, plastic, and steel are all materials that can be used as a base for roll containers. Wood is the cheapest material and will last less time than other options. Steel lasts the longest but costs more money to produce or buy new from an industrial supplier.

But beware that they will both deteriorate over time if not stored correctly (and ideally with some kind of sealant). Plastic can be a good middle ground for those who want low costs without compromising quality or durability.

Plastic may seem like a good alternative because it’s cheaper than metal containers; however, this product has been known to release harmful chemicals into the air when heated up or cooled down too quickly which could pose health risks for anyone who comes near them.

Wheel housing

How should the wheel be attached for the best roll container?

A variety of screw connections provide more stability, load capacity and are durable. The type of bearing can be either plain bearings or roller bearings with higher load-bearing capacities for large loads over long distances:

● Plain bearings are cheap but not that great for heavy-duty use
● Roller bearings offer significantly greater stability with less resistance to rolling so that even if your cargo is really heavy, they are easy to push!

Ball bearings are the most expensive of all three bearing types, but they have a higher carrying capacity and lower rolling resistance than either needle or roller bearings.

roll container shipments

Choosing the Right Bearing to Suit Your Needs

Choosing the right bearing for your roll pallet unit can be difficult. Bearing exists in different shapes and designs, but some of them are better than others. They also can vary in price
depending on the quality; however, they will not work as well. You will have to pick one that is better than the others and also cheaper, if possible.

It’s not just about that rubber ball, there are other factors to consider when selecting the right bearings. For instance, size matters! Bigger wheels will help with rolling resistance and also make your ride smoother because they have a larger bearing surface area for more contact points.

The diameter of the wheels and the type of roll container fence are two additional factors that can have a major influence on how smooth or rough your rolling experience is. For example, if you’re using an upright wheel style with only one bearing per wheel, then to maintain speeds during the work while also providing durability and longevity without sacrificing too much power, each bearing must be larger than 10mm.

The same goes for radial-wheel styles where bearings should measure at least 11 mm according to ISO standards; 14 mm will ensure optimal performance but may reduce life span due to increased wear from all directions.

Wheel Diameter

The more surface area a wheel has, the less effort it takes to overcome obstacles. The bigger your container wheels and castors are, the easier they’ll be for you to push through dirt and other non-even surfaces.

A larger diameter means that there is more distance between where your hands need to grip so this can keep them from getting tired out as easily when rolling goods over long distances or even short ones if dealing with difficult terrain! Bigger wheels are great for navigating over obstacles and as a result, it is easy to go wherever you need and helps improve warehouse safety for manual handling operatives.

Plug-in or clamping gate

Roll containers typically come with a clamping gate or an insertion gate. If you want to quickly and easily stack many containers on top of each other, then you should use a container with a clamping gate. You can release and unfold these containers quickly by just moving your foot. These can also save space because they nest many containers in one unit – making it much easier to store everything neatly.

In today’s world, we are living in a time where there is a lot of demand for storage space. This can be solved by using roll container systems that offer easy access and quick assembly when reaching the desired size of your home, warehouse or office. For folks who want to save as much time as possible with their setup process, clamping gates on containers will help you do just this since they’re easier to open than insertion gates.

Ease of Use

The convenience of the roll container is a major factor in their popularity. Several qualities are unique to this type of packaging, and they make it easy for teams with busy schedules to use them every day. Easy to use when dealing with these containers, they are a very popular option on supermarket floors and shelves across the country.

Roll containers offer some convenient features to the user. These are easy and quick to open, which is great for runners. Other benefits include that they can be easily stacked without taking up valuable space in your van or lorry for B2B use or even your bag or car console for B2C consumer use.

roll container delieveries

The Ultimate Convenience of the Roll Container

UK businesses and consumers alike love to use a roll container when buying and selling products. For consumers in retail or wholesale environments using cash and carry trolleys or platform trucks, roll containers are very easy to use in stores.

We’ve spoken at length here on our blog of the virtues of roll containers in business, and below are some examples that demonstrate how easy it can be to use smaller, more versatile roll containers for your daily needs:

● Ease of transport from store – you don’t have to drive home with groceries spilling out all over your car or van!
● The flexible, sturdy material ensures you’re not wasting any food on little bumps and bruises along the way.
● Not only does this save time at checkout but also money because there’s no need for plastic bags or other packing materials; simply leave them behind when done shopping!

Of course, we cater mainly to industry here at RollPallet UK, but we do of course deliver to private individuals too and have a huge demand spike over the past eight months post-Brexit. If you’re looking for shipping and storage containers that will be suitable for either short or long-term, we would be happy to assist you.

Please contact us for more information about our services and to find out availability on our range of robust roll container products today!

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