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Cash and Carry Trolleys – The Perfect Way to Transport Your Wholesale Goods

An Ideal Solution for a Busy Wholesale Business

The warehousing industry is growing and becoming more profitable with emerging technology and a boom in e-commerce.

To keep goods flowing to consumers, warehouse owners have had to increase the size and capacity of their warehouses.

According to a recent study by Straits Research, the global warehousing market size is projected to reach USD 1,264.01 billion by 2030, growing at a rate of 7.70% over the forecast period of 2022-2030.

Today, if you own a warehouse and want to remain relevant and timeless in the market, you need the right tools and equipment that can automate every process.

So many great tools are available to help you transport your wholesale goods and save a lot of money. Cash and carry trolleys are one of the most powerful tools on the market for getting manual labour done more efficiently.

In this blog post, we’ll take you through this transformative equipment, what it is, the types of cash and carry trolleys available, how to use them, and so much more.

If you haven’t yet made the jump to using cash & carry trolleys for your wholesale enterprise, why not get started today?

Cash and Carry Platform Trucks

This equipment aids in the transportation of items in your facility by eliminating the clumsy process of carrying items manually from one place to another, making it possible to transport more goods at a time.

Also known as platform trucks or pallet trucks, cash and carry trolleys are super important when dealing with large and diverse loads like catering multipacks or electrical items that need to be moved with speed around a facility.

The cash and carry trolley handles are constructed from heavy-duty tubes, and the basket is reinforced around the rim with a tube and a solid steel bar, ensuring longevity.

The base is finished with heavy-duty weatherproofed plywood, and then the unit is epoxy powder coated so that these trolleys will continue to look good even in a heavy-use environment.

RollPallet UK has been a leading supplier of a reliable range of cash and carry trolleys throughout the UK and Europe since 2002 – we know a thing or two about our clients industries and we’re here to help anyone in search of support or advice on the topic.

Wholesale Trolleys in Action

Wholesale goods trolleys make the movement of items easy, allowing your employees to move items easily while customers shop freely.

Let’s take a look at some of the areas where you can use them.

Uses of a Wholesale Trolley

If it’s not already obvious to you as a business owner how these super pieces of kit can help you move stock with ease, here are just some of the main uses for platform trucks as key component of your daily shop floor or warehouse operations.

  • Picking Stock

The primary use of nestable trolleys for a wholesale business is to help with the picking of stock when it is ready to be sent out to customers as part of an order.

Without a wholesale trolley, workers will have to carry items manually from the storage areas to the packing—and this will present a whole lot of challenges, such as:

  • Increased Speed

Selecting the correct items for dispatch and taking them to the packing areas will be much slower without a wholesale trolley.

Workers can only carry small amounts of stock at once, whereas a nestable stock trolley can be loaded with multiple items for greater efficiency.

  • Reduced Risk of Injury

Some of the items are heavy and would be impossible to carry by hand, posing threats of injury and damage if mishandled.

But for our wholesale trolleys, the rear basket with a metal base can be incredibly helpful in preventing damage to goods and injury to the handlers.

Using the right trolley for the right items makes order fulfilment and shopping flexible.

  • Transporting Stock

Trolleys can also be deployed to transport completed orders to the dispatch areas so that they can be loaded onto trucks for delivery.

Again, using our wholesale trolley will help you increase the speed and efficiency of your wholesale operations.

wholesale trolleys

The Benefits of Using a Cash and Carry Trolley

If goods are transported within your facility, you’ll understand the importance of having the right tools for the job. Cash and carry trolleys have a remarkable variety of benefits, as outlined below.

  • Multi-use – despite being called cash and carry trolleys, these are versatile products that can be used in a whole range of settings, like large stores, factories, warehouses, and garden centres.
  • Space-saving – all of our cash and carry trolleys are designed so they can nest together. This saves you valuable space when they are not in use – and allows you to fit in more if need be. For example, if you own a large store, you’ll be able to provide trolleys for a large number of customers at the same time.
  • Baskets – they are designed to make life as easy as possible for the user. Our cash and carry trolleys have baskets underneath the handle, which can be used to store smaller items that need to be used often. This could be anything from customers’ bags to portable scanners that employees use for stock taking.

How to Choose the Right Cash and Carry Trolley

When it comes to choosing the perfect trolley, it’s best that you carefully consider the following two factors.

1. Environment Factors

  • Distance – if the distance you’re going to cover with the items is huge, consider trolleys with durable wheels and castors as well as mechanical assistance.
  • Floor gradient – if your flooring has an incline, you need a trolley with straps for securing loads, speed control in the handles, mechanical assistance, and safety breaks. With swivel castors and a choice of rubber or nylon wheels for enhanced steering, you will never be stuck in a spot on the floor with these cash and carry trolleys.
  • Floor surface – the ideal floor surface for operating trolleys is smooth, without any patches or ridges, and preferably without stairs.
  • Space availability and storage – choose a trolley suited to the available space you have. If you’re low on storage, consider a foldable or collapsible trolley.

cash and carry trolleys nested in warehouse

2. Task Factors

  • Transferring loads – if you’re transferring loads into a vehicle, use collapsible or folding trolleys. And if you need trolleys for outdoor use, look for ones that come with wheels and castors designed just for that.
  • Moving and stacking items – use a trolley with lockable wheels that will prevent movement during loading and unloading. And make sure the height of the load and the trolley won’t affect the worker’s field of vision.
  • Moving loads from different heights – use a hydraulic lift or a scissor lift trolley.
  • How much force is required to push and pull? – it’s best to use trolleys that come with mechanisation that reduces the need for workers to push and pull.
  • Dismantling and setting up collapsible trolleys – take into account the width, height, and length of the trolley.
  • Administrative processes and work practices – think about the testing for the trolley, where it will be stored, and the worker training for proper trolley usage and maintenance.

Types of Cash and Carry Trolleys

Our stocked product range vary is shape, size and colour to suit most business needs – we also offer flexible branding and customisation services for any businesses who need them styled in a particular way. Let’s take a look at the three main cash and carry trolleys we offer.

Red Cash and Carry Trolley

It’s red, stylish, robust, and comes with a mesh basket. It is easy to use and has a long-lasting wooden base. The red cash and carry trolleys are ideal for transporting bulky goods throughout your wholesaling business.

Red Cash and Carry Trolley

Blue Cash and Carry Trolley

It’s blue in colour and comes with a mesh basket as well. The blue cash and carry trolley is fitted with two fixed and two swivel rubber castors and is fully nestable with a sprung plywood base for stability. Its significant style makes it easy to use, maximising efficiency. It’s ideal for picking up bulky items.

blue cash and carry trolley

Cash and Carry Trolley with Wire Mesh

This trolley offers a simple, convenient goods transportation solution. This mesh-lined trolley utilises a slick design for maximum storage and handling convenience in the wholesale sector.

The cages are made from tensile steel and are zinc coated, which means they can be stored outdoors and still be protected against harsh climates.

This sturdy, nestable wire mesh cash and carry trolley comes with a basket for added storage and convenience. These versatile wholesale trolleys have wheels made from polyurethane plastic that ensure durability and allow for smooth, free movement on all surfaces.

cash and carry trolley wire mesh


How to Use Wholesale Trolleys Safely

Before your workers start using a trolley, it’s important to teach them how to use trolleys safely and what manual handling precautions they need to take to ensure nobody gets hurt in the warehouse.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Look out for slopes – if the person who is controlling the trolley brings it over a slope, there is a high chance it will tip over. If your warehouse has slopes, the load on the trolley needs to be evenly distributed by having a firm grip on it and always looking where it’s going.
  • Know how to load and offload – if the load is too heavy for the worker, they should always ask for help while loading and offloading to avoid any injury. Additionally, during offloading, the worker should drop the items from a low height with great care and precision.
  • Apply the right amount of force – the amount of force they need to apply when moving the trolley should be approximately 2% of the weight of the load. But other factors will come into play, such as the type of wheels on the trolley and the surface it’s being pushed on.

It’s also important to remember the following important safety measures:

  • Wear appropriate clothing and safety footwear is necessary.
  • Never leave the trolley unattended when it’s loaded.
  • Always check the condition of the trolley before using it.
  • Check if the proposed route is clear of all obstructions before pushing the trolley.
  • Make sure the trolley they’re using is appropriate for the task at hand.

The RollPallet UK Cash & Carry Trolley Guarantee

Using the right tools and equipment in your warehouse is super important for ensuring that the right standard of handling products is maintained.

That’s why using tools like our cash and carry trolleys is the perfect way to transport your wholesale products.

It is important that you select the right tool for the right job so that you don’t lose your products to damage or your stuff to injury. Fortunately, we have a wide range of high-quality retail stock trolleys that can help you in the selection process.

All our items are inspected before they leave the warehouse to make sure they meet high standards and stand out in a competitive market.

We incorporate free standard delivery on all our goods throughout all the main British mainland regions and our products come with strong warranty for added peace of mind.

If you’re looking for even better value when purchasing multiple cash and carry trolley units at wholesale rates, we’ve got you covered with bulk buy discounts.

Within each of the individual categories of our online store, we’ve included standard discount ranges when you buy 2, 3-6, and 7-50 units for fast, free shipment from our UK distribution centres.

Finally, we won’t be beaten on price.

Here at RollPallet UK, we monitor pricing every day across our range of high-quality products and accessories to ensure we’re the best on offer within the UK market. For all your order queries, contact our sales team today for information and take a look at our full product range for pricing deals.

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