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The Best Roll Pallet Products for Retail Businesses

Shore Up Shop with the Right Tools for the Job

In recent years, retailers have streamlined their logistics and automated their operations on palletisation. Pallets are widely used among retailers for loading and unloading a heavy amount of merchandise at one time. But, did you know that some retailers have gone as far as designing their products around pallets? This is being done to optimise the amount of product that fits on a pallet and, in turn, reduce shipping costs.

Pallets serve as the crucial link that connects different segments of the logistics and supply chain, ensuring the smooth and efficient flow of goods between each stage. Without them, the supply chain would face significant challenges and disruptions, and any scope for profitability would be lost in the resulting disorganisation.

Here at RollPallet UK, we want to ensure you understand which pallets are used the most and why, helping you make the best possible decision for your retail needs. It is also important to know the common practices in the sector especially when choosing the best partner that meets your needs and offers the leading services.

So, which pallet is best for a retail business? Before we can answer this anticipated question, let’s begin by analysing the best practices for pallet safety in retail settings as well as why these pallets are important in any type of business.

Best Practices for Pallet Safety in Retail Settings

By prioritising pallet safety, retailers can create a safe and healthy environment for everyone. Small changes can go a long way in preventing mishaps and making everyone’s shopping experience more enjoyable.

Below are some vital best practices for pallet safety that have been proven to work in retail workplaces.

Securing Shelf Placement

When not in use, pallets should be stored in a designated area away from general traffic to prevent tripping hazards. Prioritise secure and balanced positioning when placing pallets on shelves or racks. Stacks of unused pallets should be kept at a reasonable height to prevent them from toppling. This ensures they won’t tip over or shift unexpectedly, potentially causing product spills or falling items.

Empowering Employees On Pallet Safety

Supervisors should always stress the significance of pallet safety to their employees. They should consistently ensure that employees are wearing the necessary safety gear, receive proper training, and follow safety protocols. Provide comprehensive training to employees who handle pallets so that they know proper lifting techniques, safe stacking practices, and hazard identification.

safely handling roll pallets

Loading Pallets Appropriately

When loading a pallet, start by placing the heaviest and most stable items on the bottom layer. This provides a solid foundation for the rest of the shipment. Distribute the weight evenly across the pallet to maintain balance and stability. When stacking ensure that you do not stack the items too high as this will offset the centre of balance.

Every pallet has a specific weight limit, and overloading can lead to structural failure. Distribute weight evenly and stay within the manufacturer’s recommended weight capacity.

Use Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Pallets can have sharp edges, nails or splinters that can cause injuries. If you give your employees the correct PPE, you’ll minimise the risk of potential harm from splinters and crushing objects.

PPE includes:

  • Protective gloves to prevent splinters
  • Protective gloves with enhanced palm grips so pallets don’t slip
  • Safety footwear to protect feet if objects fall
  • High-vis vests so employees are visible to each other, even from high above

We have prepared detailed Best Practices to Make a Warehouse Sustainable, just in case this is what you are in search of.

Benefits of Roll Pallets in Retail Business

Using pallets always gives retailers a strategic and competitive edge over their competitors. Manual storage that needs to be done in the absence of palletisation can lead to several human errors and faults. Therefore, pallets help reduce the difficulty of handling goods by increasing efficiency.

The benefits of using pallets are as follows-

  • Faster Unloading and Loading

Pallets can save a lot of time by allowing the possibility to load and unload goods in bulk, which would not have been possible had boxes or packages been tossed around individually.

  • Decreased Labour Requirement

Since palletisation helps merchandise the process of storage and transportation, manual handling of bulk products is significantly reduced.

  • Lesser Risk of Damage

Pallets are like protective equipment that keep the goods safe. Since they are appropriately stacked up in storage and transport, they are prevented from falling or being knocked up.

  • Workers are Safer

Since the engagement of labour is lesser, the possibility of injuries to workers is lessened. This way, oversized products or dangerous goods will not fall on the workers, and irregular edges will not cause abrasive injuries.

  • Standardisation

Since almost all pallets have predetermined sizes prescribed by standard guidelines, the stacking of pallets can be precisely planned before dispatch or even during transport.

We recommend you check out other benefits of pallets for different jobs that still fit in this category.

Best Roll Pallet Products for Retail Business

We have keenly selected the best roll pallets you can get across our product range specifically for operating at the highest levels in the retail business.

These products will help save you valuable storage space, time and money in the long run. We recommend you consider the below recommendations for efficient and effective logistics.

Retail Cash and Carry Trolleys

When choosing your platform truck, it’s important to select the type of trolley that suits your application best. The Cash & Carry Trolleys are widely used in retail wholesalers or cash-and-carry stores for handling day-to-day stock items. These trollies prove useful as customers can fit bulkier items onto the trolley without damaging the goods.


If goods are transported within your facility, you’ll understand the importance of having the right tools for the job. Cash and carry trolleys have a remarkable variety of benefits, as outlined below.

  • Multi-use – Despite being called cash and carry trolleys, these are versatile products that can be used in a whole range of settings, like large stores, retail stores, factories, warehouses, and garden centres.
  • Space-saving – All of our cash and carry trolleys are designed so they can nest together. This saves you valuable space when they are not in use – and allows you to fit in more if need be. For example, if you own a large store, you’ll be able to provide trolleys for a large number of customers at the same time.
  • Baskets – They are designed to make life as easy as possible for the user. Our cash and carry trolleys have baskets underneath the handle, which can be used to store smaller items that need to be used often. This could be anything from customers’ bags to portable scanners that employees use for stock taking.

One of our best-selling cash and Carry trolley is the Red Cash and Carry Trolley. It’s red, stylish, robust, and comes with a mesh basket. It is easy to use and has a long-lasting wooden base. The red cash and carry trolleys are ideal for transporting bulky goods throughout your wholesaling ad retailing business.

Roll Pallets Well-Suited to Retail

If you’re looking for a way to keep your products safe and easy to transport, roll pallets may be your solution. Their versatility alone is just one of the many reasons why roll pallets, along with stillages and cages, are being used worldwide throughout various industries like retail establishments.

These pallets are one of the must-have types of equipment for safe storage application and distribution. They are flexible and well-made, meaning that you’re able to configure them to various heights. In addition to this, you may also be able to order your very own custom-made roll pallet according to your requirements.

Pallet cages provide you with the opportunity to get the job done quickly and effectively. And, they work wonders when it comes to moving or storing goods.

We have been providing logistical solutions to the retail industry since 2003. Retailers across the UK have seen the benefits roll pallets add to their supply chain. More and more small retail owners are now using them to streamline their logistics operations across the UK and Great Britain.

Some of these roll pallets include:

Three Sided Roll Pallet – Rod Infill and Plastic Base

This is a unique nestable A-Frame-based roll pallet. This means they can be collapsed and stored together when not in use making them an ideal space-saving option within retail, leisure, commercial couriers and warehouse environments where space is at a premium.

Three Sided Rod Plastic Base roll pallet

It is made from high-quality steel and is a very popular choice as it’s considered the workhorse for many of our clients across retail, food service, warehousing and logistics operations.

Our three-Sided Roll Pallet – Rod Infill and Plastic Base is partially enclosed, usually with high wire sides. This means you can transport large numbers of items simultaneously without the danger of falling or being damaged in transit.

It is a good multi-purpose general usage Roll Pallet for a variety of environments from picking and distribution centres, hospitals, postal rooms, laundries, healthcare, food preparation and many more.

Three Sided Roll Pallet with Rod Infill

The reliable Three-Sided Roll Pallet is the perfect storage solution to transport a wide range of goods safely and securely. This standard 3-sided Roll Container is open at the front with webbing straps available as an option. The sides are rod infill offering a coarse mesh to retain products.

Three Sided Rod Infill with Plastic Base

Optional shelves offer alternative ways to stack and store your goods, while plastic inserts to the hinges reduce noise when loading and offloading. When not in use, the pallet can be folded to save valuable space in backrooms and within retail businesses.

This versatile pallet quickens operations and saves space when it’s at a premium — perfect for retail, food service, warehousing, parcel and logistics industries like courier services. It features hard-wearing nylon castors for smooth and effortless movement across the floor.

Our pallets are completely customisable. This means that you can source any size of pallet that you need for any type of product. That’s useful when transporting large parcels or stocking smaller products that require less space. Custom-made pallets are created using the latest computer technology. As such, you are guaranteed to receive the exact product you ordered to your business’s specifications.

Four Sided Split Gate Plastic Base Mesh Roll Pallet

The roll pallet is fitted with the larger 125mm diameter castors, two fixed and two swivel castors, to improve manoeuvrability within different industries and versatile, heavy-duty pallet loads. One can add brakes or change the wheels to rubber or sandwich design to improve noise reduction or mark delicate flooring.

4 Sided Mesh Roll Cage Closed

Its mesh sides keep smaller goods secure, while a two-piece split gate features locating slots for simple closing. Looking to save space? Our Four Sided Split Gate Plastic Base Mesh Roll Pallet features shelves for stacking products and can be nested when not in use.

These 4-sided pallets with plastic bases are a popular choice throughout the retail industries, providing added protection and cleanliness for delicate items.

Four Sided Rod Infill Roll Pallet

If you are out to enhance your supply chain, then our Four Sided Rod Infill Roll Pallet will help you save time, space, and money. This pallet makes retail businesses run more efficiently thanks to its easy manoeuvrability, stacking options, and market-leading steel build.

4 sided roll pallet

Its nestable design makes it ideal for saving space in return logistics, while its rod infill structure protects products and allows you to insert shelves for improved organisation. To top it off, bespoke plastic bases enable one to apply own branding to the pallet.

RollPallet UK – Streamlining and Optimising Your Retail Pallet Needs

Selecting the right pallet for your retail use is vital to ensure the smooth functioning of your supply chain whilst adhering to budget and sustainability goals. While some pallets may excel in heavy-load applications, providing a cost-effective solution, other pallets shine in export and hygiene environments, promoting sustainability.

All the recommended pallets above are popular choices due to their rising offer of versatility, hygiene and reusability with traditional pallets used in retail. Here at RollPallet UK, we ensure you get not just a roll pallet but the most practical retail-grade roll pallets that are durable and cost-friendly to conveniently and efficiently fit your retail sector demands.

We offer pallet sourcing to help companies reduce waste and cut unnecessary costs. Our teams of experts are well-versed in pallet market demands and can help businesses plan their pallet management.

Our dedicated sales team will help your company navigate your pallets and offer services to organise a management strategy. Browse our website for more information on how we can meet your pallet sourcing needs.

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