Packages being delivered via pallets and trucks

The Best Roll Pallet Products for Postal and Courier Services

Choose the Right Inventory for Delivery Businesses

The postal and courier industry is changing rapidly due to consumer demands and the development of the e-commerce sector. With the constant increase in online shopping and variations in customer behaviour, meeting customer demands within short periods is becoming a challenge to many businesses.

To process these quantities reliably, properly configured logistics processes are required – and that includes the optimisation of pallet use in these sectors. By use of a pallet, businesses can move large quantities of goods at a go hence cutting on logistics costs.

So whether you’re receiving a package from your favourite online store or witnessing the unloading of a shipment at a retail store, chances are likely that you have seen delivery pallets in action.

What is a courier service? What is a postal service? What are the benefits of roll pallet products for delivery business operators? These are some of the concerns we shall cover in this guide as well as recommend the ideal roll pallets that every delivery business operator needs to embrace. Of course, 3PL providers can also benefit from working closely with delivery businesses, and we’ve got 3PL logistics covered in more detail here.

Let’s start with the basics to help you understand some of the key similarities and differences within this diverse industry.

What is a Courier Service?

A courier service is a streamlined shipping company that offers more flexibility to get parcels to and from recipients. Courier means they can pick up and deliver letters and parcels for all types of businesses, both remotely and internationally.

Some examples of Courier Services in the UK:

  • DPD: Renowned for its next-day delivery services within the UK and also offers express shipping options to various international destinations. DPD is favoured for its precision in delivery times, providing customers with a one-hour delivery window.
  • FedEx: A global leader in courier services, FedEx offers a wide range of express international and domestic shipping options. Its services are highly regarded for reliability and the ability to handle large, oversized products or unusual shipments.
  • Royal Mail Special Delivery: While Royal Mail is traditionally seen as a postal service, it also offers courier-like services such as Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm, ensuring next-day delivery for urgent documents and parcels with enhanced security and tracking.

courier van delivering packages

What is a Postal Service?

A postal service is a system used to send mail (letters and packages) from one place to another. Today, people can send mail nearly anywhere in the world.

The British postal service is known for its extensive network and capability to deliver to every address in the UK.

As seen in the definitions above, both courier and postal services have some similarities in parcel delivery, however, couriers tend to be more effective in terms of time of delivery and tracking security measures.

Some examples of Postal Services in the UK:

  • Royal Mail: As the primary postal service provider in the UK, Royal Mail offers a wide range of services, including first-class and second-class mail delivery. While not as fast as courier services, it provides a cost-effective solution for non-urgent deliveries and has a comprehensive international reach.
  • Parcelforce Worldwide: A part of the Royal Mail Group, Parcelforce Worldwide specializes in express parcel delivery, offering both domestic and international shipping options. It bridges the gap between standard postal services and courier services by providing faster delivery times and detailed tracking.

Key Differences and Similarities

While both courier and postal services in the UK are essential for parcel delivery, there are notable differences in their operations and offerings:

  • Speed and Efficiency: Courier services generally offer faster delivery options, including same-day and next-day delivery, catering to time-sensitive shipments. Postal services, while reliable, are better suited for non-urgent mail and parcels.
  • Tracking and Security: Courier services provide detailed tracking and enhanced security measures, making them ideal for valuable or confidential shipments. While postal services also offer tracking, couriers typically provide more comprehensive options.
  • Cost: Due to the personalised and speedy nature of their services, courier services are often more expensive than postal services, which offer more affordable rates for standard mail and package delivery.
  • International Reach: Both services offer international shipping, but couriers often provide more express options and detailed tracking for international parcels.

Benefits of Pallets in Courier & Postal Services

For business operators with bulk shipping needs, pallets are essential in service delivery. Delivery pallets play a crucial role in supply chain management, ensuring the smooth flow of goods from manufacturers to consumers.

These pallets act as a foundation for efficient logistics, allowing easy movement, storage, and handling of products. Without them, transportation and distribution would be significantly more challenging and time-consuming.

Postman delivery a package to a customer

Below are some key benefits of roll pallet products for delivery business operators.

  • They’re Cost-Effective

By using pallets, you’re optimising the use of space during transportation. For instance, in road freight, pallets are loaded onto a truck and transported to their destination. It’s ideal for door-to-door deliveries and flexible pickup times. Goods that are palletised are less likely to be damaged during handling and transportation hence reducing the need for costly replacements.

  • Improved Efficiency

Delivery pallets streamline the transportation and distribution process, allowing for faster loading and unloading of goods. Palletised shipments can be handled more efficiently, reducing labour costs and saving time.

This added stability not only protects the products inside the boxes but also facilitates easier handling by forklifts and other material-handling equipment. Efficiency translates into faster picking and packing, quicker order fulfilment and improved customer satisfaction.

  • Streamlined Inventory Management

Delivery pallets enable better inventory management by providing a standardised and organised method of storing products. Each pallet can be treated as a single unit, making it easier to monitor stock levels, conduct audits, and manage warehouse space.

This streamlined approach enhances overall inventory accuracy and reduces the likelihood of errors. This leads to improved supply chain visibility and better overall inventory control.

  • Environmental Impact

Palletising can also contribute to sustainability efforts. Many delivery pallets are made from sustainable materials and can be reused or recycled. By choosing environmentally friendly pallet options, businesses can contribute to their sustainability goals and reduce their carbon footprint.

This aligns with the growing trend of environmentally conscious practices, potentially enhancing the company’s reputation.

Best Roll Pallet Products for Postal and Courier Services

We have keenly selected the best roll pallets you can get across our product range specifically for operating in the postal courier services industry.

These products will help save you valuable space, time and money in the long run. We recommend you consider the below recommendations for efficient and effective logistics.

Parcel Cage Stillage

Available in an extensive range of configurations and styles, the Parcel Cage Stillage is a four-sided demountable heavy-duty pallet for full security and safety. It is supplied with a hinged stable door to one short side of the cage and a fully removable gate to the opposing side. This cage is ideal for easy loading and unloading of parcels and other items. The trolley is finished with a hard-wearing bright zinc plate.

Heavy Duty Parcel Cage

Our Parcel Cages can be tailored to meet the industry’s specifications. From folding cages to nesting cages or rigid cages, we manufacture our products with our client’s requirements in mind.

Jumbo Half Gate Roll Pallet

Our Jumbo Half Gate Roll Pallet is designed to make the transfer and storage of multiple items easier.

The pallet is highly durable, thanks to a sturdy steel build and bright zinc plate finish, while heavy-duty, non-marking swivel castors offer easy transportation across the floor.

Jumbo Half Gate Roll Cage

Up to 3 additional optional loose shelves may be added to optimise space usage or to facilitate product segregation. Other customisation options include the addition of brakes on different wheels or adding ID Plates.

Using this pallet reduces the need for manual handling and packaging of individual parcels. Instead, products can be grouped and secured on pallets, minimising the labour required for loading and unloading. This reduction in labour costs contributes to overall cost savings for businesses.

Four Sided Rod Infill Red Plastic Base Roll Pallet

This four-sided nestable A-frame roll pallet has a reinforced design and is manufactured from high-quality steel with a bright zinc plate finish, a full-height gate, three sides and a base that has a rod-infill structure. The new styled gate is designed with hand grips.

RollPallet UK’s Four Sided Roll Pallet is the perfect partner for moving and storing heavier and lighter items. Our pallets are manufactured to standardised dimensions, allowing for uniformity and compatibility across the supply chain.

4 sides roll container with shelf

This standardisation enables efficient stacking, storage, and transportation of parcels. Palletised shipments can be easily loaded and unloaded, reducing handling time and improving operational efficiency across courier and postal industries.

Three Sided Roll Pallet with Rod Infill

The reliable three-Sided Roll Pallet is the perfect storage solution to transport a wide range of goods safely and securely. This standard 3-sided Roll Container is open at the front with webbing straps available as an option. The sides are rod infill offering a coarse mesh to retain products. To nest when not in use, the steel deck folds up and the sides then fold in. The cages are then nested into the back of each other, inline nesting like a shopping trolley.

Four Sided pallet with rod infill

This versatile pallet quickens operations and saves space when it’s at a premium — perfect for retail, food service, warehousing, parcel and logistics industries like courier services. It features hard-wearing nylon castors for smooth and effortless movement across the floor.

Our pallets are completely customisable. This means that you can source any size of pallet that you need for any type of product. That’s useful when transporting large parcels or stocking smaller mails that require less space. Custom-made pallets are created using the latest computer technology. As such, you are guaranteed to receive the exact product that you ordered to the specifications your business requires.

Three Sided Roll Pallet – Rod Infill and Plastic Base

Our three-Sided Roll Pallet – Rod Infill and Plastic Base is partially enclosed, usually with high wire sides. This means you can transport large numbers of items and parcels at the same time without the danger of falling or being damaged in transit.

Our nestable 3-sided roll containers and cages have a specific ‘A’ frame design allowing them to be collapsed and stored together when not in use making them an ideal space-saving option within retail, leisure, commercial couriers and warehouse environments where space is at a premium.

Three sided roll pallet with rod infill

They are fitted with nylon wheels as standard that move in multiple directions, allowing you to rotate and turn even in tight spaces including warehouses and trailers. Rubber wheel options allow for smoother running on uneven surfaces by reducing vibration when manoeuvring the cage.

In essence, the role of this pallet in service delivery goes beyond just being a platform for your goods. They’re an integral part of your supply chain that enhances operational efficiency, safeguards your products, and ultimately influences your bottom line.

How to Choose the Best Roll Pallets for Your Business Need

How do you choose the best Roll Pallet Product for your courier and postal service? We did not just pick the above pallets randomly– there are a few crucial elements to consider. Before making your decision, think about:

Purpose of the Pallet

How do you intend to use your roll pallet? How large or heavy are the goods you are transporting? The dimensions and load capacity of roll pallets vary between designs, so you need to consider these specifications before you can find the best one for your business.

The Pallet Material

Green standards are more important than ever for businesses today. Clients want to make sure that they are working with and buying from green-friendly companies. Arguably, one of the biggest environmental issues the world is currently facing is the amount of non-biodegradable products that end up as waste.

Most roll pallets are made from steel and others plastic or wooden elements. Metal roll pallets are the most versatile and hardwearing, so will last the longest in most environments.

Design of the Pallet

Roll pallets come in several different designs and a wide variety of additional features. The lockability of wheels, number of sides, nestable A-frames, and hinged openings are all examples of how designs can vary.

Once you have decided on how you intend to use your roll pallet, and where it will likely be stored, you can settle on the best design to suit your workflow.

Other factors to consider include Portability and Price.

For more and guidance info on which product to pick for the task at hand, please see our detailed guide on How to Choose the Right Roll Pallet Product for Different Jobs.

Shipment Boxes on Wooden Pallets

Buy Delivery Services Roll Pallets from a Provider You Can Trust

Effective delivery services are key in the supply chain due to the unimaginable competition and varying customer demands. If you are looking for long-term success in this segment, then you have to make smart decisions to ensure the smooth processing of your products and services.

Whatever your volumes and your product profile, pallets can provide a solution that takes your delivery to the next level. When your products leave your building they carry your brand’s reputation.

Partner with a reliable logistics company like Roll Pallet UK that ensures secured and optimal freight delivery across the globe. Our expert team will aid you in accomplishing the business motives with maximum returns.

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